Daft Punk - The Brainwasher [2005] [house, electro, dance]

While many people praise Daft Punk for ‘Discovery’ or ‘Homework’ and most recently ‘Random Access Memories’ my favourite album of theirs remains ‘Human After All’. I fell in love with the slightly darker and dirtier approach to house music, that squelchy tone, filled with texture, hits me in the right places.

Daft Punk have been my launchpad into the world of electronic dance music and I am eternally grateful!

What’s your favourite Daft Punk album? Or are they just overhyped garbage?



Introducing Owen Dippie

Hailing from the beautifully scenic Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, Owen Dippie’s art has taken him across the globe, his pieces have become iconic wherever he’s laid down his paint (especially in NYC and Melbourne). He’s humble and extremely talented. His site has awesome prints and shirts available at very affordable prices. Support good people.

This guy’s work is immaculate. 

(vía everybodyfromthe3-1-3)